Monday, November 27, 2006

Healthy Tip: Two Months of Organics

What a gorgeous day! I just finished a brilliant tofurky, stuffing and cranberry sauce samich (post Thanksgiving sandwiches are samiches!) and wanted to share a few observations based upon a recent experiment held here at the Lab.

For the the past two months I've been eating almost exclusively organic. Seriously, I would place my intake at 93% organic, which is pretty damn good! I wasn't too sure about switching to organics as I thought that it wouldn't make much of a difference and that the higher cost would out weigh the health benefits.

Well, my research concludes that I was mistaken. Though start up costs were a little high with getting the basic organic staples, I actually balanced out with my previous food budget as I stopped eating out. In addition to this the health benefits are greater than I expected. I have a great deal more energy. I've maintained my low weight though I have been eating a great deal more. I've also really connected with my food on an energetic level. I've found myself buying strange fruit and vegetables that I've never had before based upon their colors and overall beauty. The time spent in the kitchen cooking and caring about what I'm about to eat has, of course, increased as well. I also pray and fill my food with healthy intentions and love through the whole process, from the grocery store to the table.

So the move to organics has been worthwhile on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. There is much more to it than that of course, but it's time to get ready to teach yoga and I've a few more things to tidy up in the Lab.

Oh yes, before I end here I wanted to share this little tip. I've been using Earth Balance's Soy Garden spread for the past two months as well. I'm not much on product endorsement but I speak with many people who tell me they just can't get away from butter. This is preventing them from coming into balance with their lactose intolerance or stopping them from making the transition to veganism. I absolutely love this spread and use it on everything. It is great just spread on sprouted bread or as a butter substitute in any of your recipes! OK, that'll end this commercial, sorry 'bout that. :)
I'm off to yoga!

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