Friday, November 03, 2006

Another Diverse Night

I taught yoga at Karmanos this evening. It was a great class even though, due to weather, doctor appointments and recovery from surgery, it was a small class. Afterwards, I stopped by the Lab to change, pick up my gun and head to the range. I'm going down to this place in Taylor which is a bit out of the way, but the people there are nice and don't give me the "what the hell is this hippy doing with a gun?" look. I practiced for about an hour. My aim through the first box of ammo was rough but I settled into it and did much better with the second box. I considered staying until they closed at 9 but I turned the car back towards Detroit around 8. I love the drive north on I-75 back into the city center. There is this large bridge that covers all of these intense industrial buildings and oil refineries. At the top of the bridge you can see the city skyline and the Ambassador Bridge. It's lovely at night and it just strikes my heart so intensely. I love this city and I'm so pleased to live here.

I stopped by the Magic Stick to pick up Cut Chemist / Lyrics Born tickets (I'm in a pretty intense hip-hop phase at the moment) and then returned to the Lab. I cleaned up and organized a bit before sitting puja at the kitchen shrine. I cooked until midnight and now I'm chillin on the couch listening to a quite varied shuffle on iTunes.

I wanted to share the kitchen shrine online so I took this picture this evening:

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