Wednesday, November 01, 2006

All Saints, The Eye Of God

Today is one of my fave holidays, All Saints Day. I give thanks for all those special people (read: my heroes) who have moved on to higher and more airy realms. I miss you all and look forward to sitting with you again when I return to the infinite campfire. I'll see you all quite soon! Of course, All Souls Day is tomorrow and it is another favorite. I love my heroes and ancestors.

What a gorgeous day here in Detroit. As mentioned prior, I've been praying and chanting every morning for the past month or so and life just keeps on getting better. There's now a Ganesh shrine in my kitchen so all the wonderful food, mostly vegan and raw, I've been making has been blessed. In the evenings before cooking I perform puja in the kitchen and really get the energy up to support the holy activity of food preparation. Yoga, cooking, and target shooting are becoming staples in my life.

Wow! I just walked outside to see the wonderful sunset. I know, I know, I sound like a friggin hippy, but I'm a hippy with a Glock so laugh with me not at me. :)

Enjoy this NASA shot (many thanks to AK):

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