Thursday, October 12, 2006

Things I've Never Seen Before

I see many new things everyday. I really get off on that and feel that is a huge part of the discipline taught me by yoga. Two things really stand out today, snow on Crowleymass and the beauty of snow on flowers. I know, I know, what a hippy!

The awe-filled nature of my life keeps expanding. I had a wonderful Brahmin come to Irene's today and take a tour. We could have talked all day! Of course, being from South India he invited me to his house for dinner and I will take him up on it. Homemade South Indian food is not to be missed and based upon this man's wonderful energy any time spent with him will teach volumes.

I am so in love with my job and all the people here. I miss them when I'm not here. After suffering at Compuware for five years I have finally arrived at a place where I spend my whole day sharing my love of massage, yoga, burning man, and the pursuit of health with others who are looking to create change in themselves and the world at large. Truly blessed, I am.

On top of that my office window has the best view ever! Icing on the cake really. Check out this view:

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