Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Slight Pause, But We're Still Gunning

So the good news is Royal Oak approved my gun permit and after taking a small test I'm good to go. The bad news is that I went to do this on Friday and the police records department was closed. So, no Glock this weekend. It didn't deter D,K,A and me from going shooting yesterday though. I rented the Glock that I'm going to get and we used D's 9mm as well. I much preferred the Glock and was a much better shot than the weekend before last. Shooting, like yoga, is all about the breath. It's fascinating, really. There is a yogic feel to the whole process. There are physical positions to be aware of, the breath of course, and there is the isometric action between the two hands. There is a hell of a lot going on other than just pulling the trigger. I absolutely love this practice!

I finally got a wireless network set up in the Lab. I bought an airport express and it works very well. Itunes piggybacks on the signal to the airport and an 8th inch jack connects the airport to the stereo. So there's always great music streaming through the Lab no matter where I'm working on my MacBook Pro.

Speaking of music, there are some great shows coming up: Electric 6, The Decemberists, Lyrics Born, and the mighty Tenacious D! November is looking great for live shows.

I've felt like I'm in heaven for the past few weeks. Very blissful and very thankful. I've been mediating, chanting, and sitting puja more than I have in a very long time and I think it is paying off. So many things are radiating at a higher level for me lately. I'm so thankful.

In light and love,

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