Monday, October 23, 2006

Movie Night Follow Up

This was sent by a highly valued friend in response to our "failed revolution" movie night selections. I'll be taking these in soon. ~G

Weather Underground was good but it only gives you an idea of 1/3 of the serious movements at the time. Obviously another 1/3rd was the Black Panthers – touched on in the WU movie. The last third was AIM – the American Indian Movement. This organization was almost completely ignored in WU. Here are a couple suggested movies:

Incident at Oglala and Trudell

Trudell is at NetFlix and was just released this last year. It has some good up-to-date content and even mentions the current group of folks in the oval office. Incident at Oglala might be hard to find but you should try Thomas Video.

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Anonymous said...

trudell is heartbreaking. oglalla is available through netflix too.

john trudell is a smart, powerful man, listen well.