Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Eat The Lion: The Viking Youth Chat with Daniel Pinchbeck

This week the Vikings sit down with author Daniel Pinchbeck to discuss how the research for his book "2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl" shifted from intellectual excersise into an unfolding of prophecy and the actualization of work in service of recontextualizing the world from which these prophecies emenated.

We discuss the changing face of western culture and how the roll Burning Man is playing in that shift can be related to the way the beats created culture from their relatively small base. Applying Stan Grof's matrices we explore where we may be in the birthing process and what we can do to further crystallize the needed changes.

Finally we discuss the visionary mandate Daniel received during an Ayahuasca ceremony telling him he was an avatar of Quetzelcoatl. Moving beyond a simple belief we explore the implications of drug-induced possession states and how this relatively common experience is still taboo within the psychedelic culture. We ask what is the origin of these archetypes that can impose upon human consciousness and how does humanity's understanding of identity need to change to integrate these phenomenon?

Lee Chameleon's side project, Elvin, performs the closing track, "These Pills..."

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