Friday, September 08, 2006

The Final Corporate Post!

I rolled back into Detroit around 3 PM yesterday. Had a little R&R and then met up with a few of the "D" kids (who did my loft up with welcome back streamers and balloons) and then finally went to sleep in my own bed for the first time in weeks. This morning I woke up and returned to Compuware to hand in my letter of resignation. I have my exit interview at 10 AM and then I'm out of here! 5 years of the morning death ritual have come to an end and the world is wide open. I'll miss a great many of the people here and have appreciated all that my director and coworkers have made possible for me. We had a good run in this little pen but now it is high time for this soul to fly the coop. Godspeed to you all! ~Gregg

P.S. Burning Man documentation and pictures are coming. It was the best year ever. Watch this space!


rew said...

awesome! good on you!

Anonymous said...

Hell yeeeaaaaaaah !