Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It Is All About The Art!

Sometimes Playa art comes off as a secondary to other aspects of the event (sex, drugs and rock and roll???) but for me the art takes the main stage and is my primary focus. That's why my heart skipped when this came across Jack Rabbit Speaks last night:

The Art Department is all ablaze with anticipation, as 2006 promises to be a banner year for art on the playa, with 240 registered art installations - one third more than last year. The playa is jam packed with ART!!! We've got bamboo architecture, flaming blocks of ice, a steam-engine powered insect carousel, a deconstructed cathedral, a mountain of faces, a robotic spider, a field of sunflower robots, a mobile 3-story Victorian house, a homicidal hammock, a rubber chicken-launching trebuchet, a gigantic burning bra, and much much more!!!
I mean, a mobile 3 story Victorian house! WTF? I love this place! 2005 was the best year of art that I've seen out there and if 2006 even matches it I'm going to need a few extra boxes of kleenex.

To check out only a few of the pieces that are going to be out there visit the funded art page. Incredible!

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