Monday, August 14, 2006

10 Days Till The Playa!

Oh man, it's quickly overtaking me! So much to do and so little time. I usually spend about a month on pre-playa prep and I have yet to start. Good thing I'm getting to be something of a veteran or I'd be worried. I do have a lot of prep work and gear getting for my Ranger duties though.

So, Tom Waits was just incredible. I swear the guy is some sort of elemental. When he walked out on stage I automatically felt intoxicated and fell into a mild trance. The new material, which is mostly what he played, was quite good. I really dug Eyeball Kid. Thanks to the universe for throwing a ticket my way! Biggups to Tom (the guy who got the ticket) and Tom (the guy whose songs my daddy sang to me when I was sitting on his knee).

Bus Update: Wow we're cutting it close to the deadline but the bus is really coming together. The work is some of the hardest I've done in my life but it is so rewarding that I feel energized even though I'm beat. I'm honored to be working on this project with my heroes.

New Pictures taken by Keith and Venus:


Anonymous said...

So proud of my friends! Well done, I especially appreciate the very metttal-ness to the painting, it reminds me of those fantastic 1980’s carnival rides where they play Iron Maiden & spin you in circles on something that resembles a stationary witches wheel.

Again, all of y’all should be giving yo’ selves some hearty pats on the backs right about now! Thanks for always keeping me in the loop Gregg, these pics mean a lot to me.

All Hail Ragnarock!!!!!

Love Hard Core 2 y’all,

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! The graphics are totally sweeeeeeet! God damn I wish we were going. We will definately be there next year and hopefully Mira and John and Christian and Kristine (although she says 'no way') and... well, all of our friends will go too!

The bus looks so fucking good! Everyone is going to have a great time! Be safe and have fun!

xoxo - kim