Monday, July 31, 2006

Everything is Everything Again

I've been really slack with posting these last few weeks. This is due to some major changes in my personal life. They're intense, as stated quite personal and really don't find a proper place here in the blogoshpere. Suffice to say that my regular readers will be seeing some new manifestations online and in the "real" world.

This weekend was another whirlwind. The Vikings held our fundraiser in Chicago so I rolled in there around 6 pm on Friday to help pull the loft space together. It was a ton of work, but we did what we could and called it an early night as a few of the Vikings were meeting diesel mechanics out at the bus in the morning.

Saturday morning AJ, Donghyeon and me had a "girls day" (Well, Donghyeon didn't go in for the girls part, he did carry our bags though) and had a great Breakfast at Earwax, went grocery shopping and got pedicures. We spent the rest of the day setting up the loft and preparing for the party.

And oh what a party it was! It was my first true Illmeasures party and let me tell you it's probably a good thing I've never been before cause now I'm hooked. I'm not sure of the exact number of people that came but there were enough to keep me busy flying about in my roll as the Brainpick Messiah for most of the evening. The shtick went so well that I actually had to ditch the costume around 2 in the morning! I was actually being pursued by these crazy Irish kids. Crazy. My door shift was from 3 to 4 and after I slowly made the rounds visiting and making sure that everyone was properly hydrated (it was hot as hell in the loft) and had what they needed. I gathered my posse and we retired to an air conditioned loft around 6 AM. We took repose for an hour or so and then I picked up the bodies I had to get back to Detroit and hit the road. We left Chicago at 8 AM and I was at work by 2 PM. Whoa! I'm glad I'm still able to reel it in and overcome exhaustion and debauch. The years of yoga come in handy when pushing the system like that. OK, I know, bad yoga teacher. But I tell you, one of the benefits of keeping the system in top shape is being able to really kick it in when it is needed.

Bigups to all the Vikings, to Donghyeon who had NO idea what he was agreeing to when I asked him to come to Chicago with me but kept solid throughout, to Dave for the loft space, slapping my new tattoo repeatedly and his sweaty little fauxhawk, to AJ for listening to me and letting me cry on her shoulder, to Steakhouse for working the door with me, inspiring concern for everyone's saftey and keeping me in Ranger mode throughout the party, to Sean for keeping everyone on their toes, to Tonia and Naslie for being downright hilarious and questioning whether things would ever go back to "normal" again, to Shoebox who gave me my first "Fuck You Ranger!", to Striz for another early morning phone call about how beautiful the world is, to Justin and Nicole for just being two of the most brilliant lights, to Jon for the wet paper towels and the pole, to everyone who hung their art at the party, to B-rad for feeding me whiskey when absolutely NO ONE should of been feeding me whiskey, to the Irish for their lack of concern and drunken blind faith, to King for being "my photographer", to Alex for calling me a sweet surprise and keeping things slightly organized, to Matty for all his care and concern and dying for our sins, to Bdub and Pants for being hyper cool, to Miguel for looking like a Frank Frazetta barbarian brought to life, to whoever that doorguy was for keeping it together, to Todd for the big smiles and calling me trim, to Shiho for the great projections, to the girls who danced on the pole, to Rebecca for being a wonderful Viking cigarette girl, to John for his wonderful art and his open heart, to Mira and Kim for that damnable puppet fiasco, to Derik for being a Buddhist in the midst of chaos, to Keith and Venus for the poorly and wonderfully poured drinks, and to Brian for being my goad and throwing light on the path before us. I know I've forgotten folks here, but big love to all of you. I am truly honored and blessed to be in this time and space with the like of you!


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Anonymous said...

Viva La Viking & Vahalla!
~El Muchachos Barbaros/The Damnable Puppet Show.