Friday, June 09, 2006

Yoga: On To The Next

So I’m playing catch up with posting today. I wrote something like this yesterday but it was lost in the void of the blogger server problems.

Wednesday evening was my last class at Michigan Yoga Center. It was about a year ago that I found myself reluctantly urged into teaching there and what a year it’s been! I could go on and get all reflective, but I’ll let that go for the moment. I will say a hearty thank you to Liz, owner Liz, and Liz, manager Liz, Lynn and all of the students who have been on this journey with me. It’s been an incredible time of growth and I’m honored to have walked on the path of yoga with you all. I swear I’ve learned more from my students than they have from me. I know, it’s mutual, but from where I’m standing all I see is how much you have given and taught me.

Wednesday’s class was small but packed to the gills with energy. The students presented me with a little plaque that just melted me. I’ve never received a plaque before. What a great honor. It reads:

Presented on June 7th to Gregg Newsom

In Recognition & Acknowledgement of
Great Contributions to the
Michigan Yoga Center Community

Thanks for All You have Shared with Us

“Your Impact Upon Us
Has Been Far Reaching”

With much Love and Gratitude,
Your Students and Friends

That’s something there, eh? Again I’m so honored and humbled.

Anyhow, I managed to keep it together through class but as I brought them out of savasana and we sat in lotus I began to get a little verklempt. I usually ask my students to take a moment of deep gratitude for themselves for having the courage to come to their mats and practice. I think I lost it when I was overcome with gratitude myself. I managed to stutter and stumble through and issue a trembling “Namaste.” What can I say? I was overcome out of nowhere and I love those moments when emotions just explode all over the place in a big mess. I was a great class as they all have been. Seriously, it has been a great honor to share yoga with my students. I’m in awe of each and every one of them.

So that’s that. What’s next? Per usual, I’ve a few things up my sleeve. As the Vikings say, "STAND BY!" ~G

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