Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Happy 23rd! Give Yourself A Present, Listen To The Vikings

This week on the Viking Youth Power Hour:
Trance States, Tran Sexuals, Taboo & the Tabernacle
"In this second part of the non-drug induced trance states show we explore some more recessed aspects for attaining the gnosis state - such as the use of Taboo - and dissect that favorite of all slippery slopes "Do What Thou Wilt". Mat attests to the obvious fact that LSD makes you gay (duh!) and at the same time pleads a great case for the life experential. We chat up a very inebriated Lee Chameleon about the practices of glossalalia that the Pentacostal church uses, as well as it's hierarchies and the back woods, shit kicker, god spittin' cult techniques used to instantiate it's ever growing minions."

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