Friday, January 20, 2006

a quick post to note the lack of posts

I've been a busy boy here the past two days. Many things to write on and about, but I'm at Rishi's Internet, it's hot and muggy up here and I want to the flat and curl up with the laptop to write. You may see the results tomorrow, but that has everything to do with timing as well. Tomorrow, I've hired a car and driver and will be going to temple sites outside of the city. There is a going away "party" for one of the Aussies in the evening as well, so I'm not sure when I'll get to post again.

A few notes to serve as teasers. I spent 3 hours in Rashinkar's shopping yesterday. Today, I had a PHENOMENAL massage by Christine, one of Kumar's students. I also had a lunch cooked by Auntie and set up the beginnings of my little going away get together with her. I think I'm going to get a small group together at her place. I spent the rest of the afternoon bumming about with Deena, buying too many hindu stickers!!!

So, due to lack of material here I'm going to pop in a little bit of writing from my mate Damian. This is all his and I simply share it here as it gave me a good smirk.

Breeds of western yogis by Damian
My notes from Mysore would be complete without explaining the different breeds of western yogis wander around the traps here. Here's the quick run downÂ…

Binge and Purge Yogi

She's just a little too thin and a little too bony but has a wild look in her eye when the desert cart comes around. Believes that a high colonic is not an alternative treatment, but a "lifestyle choice". Always the first to the buffet and always the first to the toilet to yak it all up. Drinks the local tap water so that her body "can get used to it" – yeah right!

Hello Kitty Yogi

Trademark Hello Kitty pony tales from the side of the head with an incescent silly behind-the-hand-Japanese-schoolgirl-laugh – and this is just the guys. Fond of walking across the road blissfully unaware that the truck/bus/cows bearing down on him/her is about to run him/her down.

Peace, Love and Mung Dahl Yogi

Brown rice, sandals, peace, love and mung dahl. Muslin and tie-die for days. Hairy and smelly, with the amount of hair is inversely proportional to the amount of soap used to bathe – did I say bathe? Smell not helped by 40 Malboro a day smoking habit. Born anywhere from 1960 to 1980 but still stuck in the summer of love...

Topknot Yogi

Topknot hair de rigueur. Has taken a dumb Indian name like Dhyana and insists everyone stops calling him George. Goes to chanting classes, Hindi classes and Sanskrit classes. Secretly wishes he was born a Brahmin.

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