Thursday, November 03, 2005

Me? teach Ashtanga? ahhh... No!

I wanted to bring this out of the comments and into the light. I often get asked about teaching Ashtanga and why I shy away from it. Here's my current take on the subject while reserving the right to change this take at anytime. I don't know what I will think on this after I return from Mysore or practice for a few more years.

J said...
"hey there do you teach half primary or the entire series?"

Gregg said...

J, I don't teach Ashtanga. The closest I get is what my studio calls an Ashtanga / Vinyasa Blend class where I pull together various asana that tend to keep with the flow (standing, side work, balancing, seated, folds twists, etc.) of the primary series.

I've got to say that I am intimidated by the thought of teaching Ashtanga. I just don’t feel right teaching something that I’m still trying to wrap my head and body around. That being said, I have offered to sub for a friend that teaches a short form class. When and if I do end up subbing for her I will not take the students past the point where I am currently stopping. I think that a teacher should be able to perform and have intimate knowledge of the asana he or she is teaching. I’m not there with the primary series beyond Supta K. (My teacher would probably say that I’m not there with any of it!) :)

I don't know. Simply put I love the healing aspects and ideas behind Ashtanga and I think that teaching it haphazardly would be detrimental for my practice and my students. How orthodox of me! :)

I will not to offend anyone here. This is simply my take on the subject.

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