Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I've not posted in a while.

Things are really picking up here as I try to bring a few aspects of my life to a close before leaving for Mysore. I leave in less than a month now and still have so much to do. I mailed all the paperwork to the Indian Consulate for my Visa. It should be in my hands with plenty of time to spare. I'm going through the deliberation about vaccinations. Really the only ones that cause me to ponder are hepatitis A & B. Someone recommended Polio, but I'm not too sure. I just don't like the entire concept behind vaccinations.

Practice? It's been good but I think I've plateaued again. One good thing about these plateaus is that they tend to alleviate any ambition. My concern over where I am stopping in primary is still in remission. Who knows how Mysore will alter my perceptions in that department? I read two weekly email updates from a new Mysore student this morning that made reference to the lack of adjustments and the egos at the shala. I actually think that these two aspects will serve to keep me focused on the more subtle reasons that I am going to Mysore: to experience practicing under the eye and energy of Guruji and family in their home, to more deeply connect with the history of yoga in the land of its genesis, and to focus on my practice without the distractions of everyday western life (job, teaching, clients, bills, etc). That being said I realize that other distractions will fill in the gaps, especially in the brilliant chaos known as India. :)

Really, I'm trying to drop the expectations and desire to just take it all in. I'd prefer to simply submit to the experience.

Other aspects of life since it's been so long? We went to see Amma last Friday. It took what seemed like an eternity to get through the scheduled program of satsang, chanting, and meditation! Actually, the last few chants were very powerful and I'll admit to being overcome by them. The meditation was well done and being that it rode in on the back of the chanting effected me greatly. We were lucky to be in the "newbies" group and in the first ranks to take darshan. Due to this the energy built upon was connected to filing up to Amma and being placed, like a rag doll, into her embrace by her devotees. The chaos of the crowd caused providence to shine on me and I was actually "processed" twice. As I tried to remove myself from the mass of bodies I was grabbed by one of the devotees and moved back into her arms for another round! I guess I needed a bit more blessing. :)

btw, I have no idea if devotee is the right term for these folks, but I like to type it, so there.

All in all a positive experience. It was a bit of a late night for an Ashtangi though. We didn't leave the event until after 11 pm!

I've also attended satsang on the yoga sutras for the past two days here at CPWR. The Indian Employee group put this together. Another one of the benefits found working in corporate america. Each day there was a lecture followed by practice and teachings. The lecturer was Sri Pattabhiram, who trained directly under H. H. Swami Rama of the Himalayan tradition.

Enjoy the moon day! I know I will. ~Gregg


Tiffersll said...

You're so lucky you get to go to Mysore, so soon too! That's such an awesome opportunity. In reference to plateaus, I don't like plateaus, but I guess I should learn to appreciate them. In fact, I'm in a plateau right now. Keep us updated!

Ashtanga Oz said...

Wish I was going to Mysore too. I look forward to reading about it if you blog while there. I hope to get there one day for 3 or more months. Keep us posted :))

Anonymous said...

Well...what is your issue with vaccinations? If you have already been hit with Polio before then this will just be a booster (therefore it is unlikely anything bad will happen to you as a result of the vaccine), plus....I believe in the US they are giving the heat inactivated these days not the live there is less to worry about. Polio is in India. As for Hep A and B....B is the worry for if for some reason you need blood, or come into contact with blood and body fluids of another....much more "contagious" than HIV for instance...not sure if they screen in Indian supplies...again the Hep B vaccine is a protein subunit one...and as far as I know particularly safe, but perhaps not so effective, that seems to be the overall tredn with vaccinies of that kind...? it is just a protein from the virus (envelope I believe)...and Hep A...well water issue mostly....if you are happy to be very conscientious then maybe okay for you...but it would suck to get ill. I would also think about Typhoid, for same reason as Hep A. You hear of some people that go without and are fine, others go with and still get sick....but all that is really anecdotal...not sure what the actual numbers are...check in with the WHO perhaps, or the CDC. I am sure there are stats on these sorts of things.

Sorry I am not more useful (mostly due to bad memory).

Have a great time though...cheers SMN