Monday, November 07, 2005

Another pregnant dream...

I'm not exactly sure how long ago it was, maybe two months, but I had this really vivid and real dream in which I was pregnant. I should have jotted down the details. I did tell two of my coworkers though, so I know that it happened and I'm not just convincing myself that this is a recurring dream.

Yeah, that's right I had another one. From what I can remember this one seemed even more real.

The odd thing with this dream was that no one reacted strangely to the fact that I was about 2 months pregnant. I was beginning to show and having morning sickness the way that I imagine most pregnant women do. I was still endowed with that which causes me consider myself male, so it's not like I was dreaming I was a woman or anything like that. I was talking with friends and family about it and everyone was really excited and supportive. I felt so proud and full of life in the dream. I was just beaming.

Towards the end of the dream I was sitting around a picnic table with many people talking about the pregnancy when I suddenly thought "oh wow, what about Mysore?" I became really concerned about being able to practice at the shala while I was 3 months pregnant. Everyone said that I could and should still go. With their support and encouragement I decided to keep my plans and go to India in December.

I then began to realize that there was something a bit odd about the fact that I was a man and that I was pregnant. It was just a slight realization, enough to get me to pause in the discussion at the picnic table.

Then the alarm went off and I jumped out of bed to head to the studio. Odd, odd, odd.

Something is afoot in my head. I love this part! :)

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